Why Obama Called to Karzai? What had happened?

By: Nazar Mohamamd Mutmaeen - Writer and Analyst

It is a question that what had happened that Obama called to Karzai? And media published that Obama talking about the completely withdrawal of the US troops, and US MoD released a statement that Obama recognized that Karzai will not sign BSA, so he instructed MoD to prepare the US troops withdrawal plan.

No one thought and it was not expected, but unexpectedly Obama called to Karzai, he said to Karzai, I instructed my Defense Minister to prepare plan of the completely withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan. He stated, if you (Karzai) didn’t sign BSA, US will withdraw the troops, if you or upcoming president sing BSA, so we will leave a limited US troops in Afghanistan.

It happened after that Taliban established a remarks that they (Taliban) suspended) the talk/negotiation on the exchange of the Guantanamo prisoner, to be released against the releasing of US Prisoner Bergdahl.

This is first time that allowed an Afghan (Pashton) journalist to visit Guantanamo Prison, and broadcasted the report on Pashto language from BBC, in remote area and cities many Afghans listening to BBC, Azaidi and VoA radio.

On the third week of the January 2014, the former advisor to Obama in Afghanistan issues, Mr. Robin Bennett arrived to Kabul, and had meeting with research/investigation organizations, social and government organizations, and with some independent Afghans, also with some ex-Taliban in Kabul, he collect the ideas of the different sides regarding the peace, and how to resume peace dialog with Taliban in Qatar?

Robin Bennett went to Doha from Kabul, and meet with Qatar Officials, might be he visited a number of those Afghans who are leaving in Doha, surely the Robin Bennett opinion / suggestion passed to Taliban by Qatar officials and might be also by Afghans.

As we know after closing of the Taliban representative office in Qatar, Taliban suspended talks with West and particularly with Americans, so the opinions and demands of the both sides might be passed / exchanged by mediator (third Party).

Actually Taliban published the video of Bergdahl, to show that they are ready for the exchange of American soldier against the Guantanamo Afghan prisoners, Washington Post reported, the Obama Administration working on the releasing of the Guantanamo prisoners, to exchange it with US soldier, next day Whitehouse stated that they are not talked with Taliban according the prisoners issue, and finally Talban announced suspension of the Prisoners exchange talks.

Might be USA had a plan to game with Taliban, started the prisoners exchange talks, and withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, when indirect negotiation developed  and was closed to result, passable again USA requested Taliban to have direct negotiation with Afghan Government, which is rejected continually by Taliban.

As International Community thinking that TALIBAN don’t know in Politician, I think with such kind crafty/deceitful competitor and well known politician  country, if seems a proud in negotiation, so better to stop.

It is passable the Dubai called Taliban Conference also effected the prisoners exchange indirect negotiation, Taliban seems unhappy, and thinking that why American started two games? Prisoners exchange talks and also trying to divide Taliban.

Calling by Obama to Karzai, seems it was his obligation and pressure of Taliban, that angry and sadness Obama, president of super Power County, calling to very weak Person President Karzai, it was not diplomatic required action, actually USA made Karzai as a president of Afghanistan.

Intellect, politician and every things required that Karzai should called to Obama, if not, it should be reported that both sadness presidents talked to each other, but which was announced that Obama called to Karzai, and stated USA has plan to withdraw US troops,  looks there is underground pressure on Obama and USA, and exactly he stated that TALIBAN wants.

Important requirement of the Taliban was to end Occupation, to announce American troops, NATO and ISAF soldiers’ withdrawal.

It is noted that out of three serious requirement , two requirement of the Taliban accepted, the release of the Guantanamo prisoners, and withdrawal of the foreign troops, seems the prisoners exchange talks would be resumed, actually American would like to close Guantanamo prison as soon as passable.

America disappointed, and know that fight and pressure can’t achieve the USA aims, meanwhile the peace talk of Pakistan Gov and Pakistani Taliban has been failed. American officials knows, during their presence, and if not solve the Afghanistan issue, Pakistan security issue will be not solved.

Americans informally stated they would like to resume peace talk and waiting to the Taliban reaction, they stated:

1-      BSA is not a red line, might be America consider it, and didn’t insistence BSA.

2-      Changed in institution is not a problem, present 11 presidential election candidate also would like to have a changes in the present institution.

3-      If peace curtained, election will postpone, if seen a progress in peace talk, it is passable to postpone election, if we (American) known that the postponing of the election is demand of Taliban, on that time will tried to do some things.

4-      If done an agreement between Taliban and USA regarding peace, election will not create problems, upcoming president will promise if peace talks giving result he will resign.

5-      The issue of the Bergdahl video was a good progress, and show good intention of the Taliban regarding the exchange of the prisoners.

Mentioned points are noted by American, and accepted that they will not win the war of Afghanistan, thinking on the way to make easy withdrawal of their troops.

Taliban will know the time is very sensitive, and will get much more advantage, presently they will try to be very active in political portion, and will focus on diplomatic side of the fight, and will try to lead the Afghanistan issue correctly which is directly belong to Taliban and America, and not make same mistake like done during Jihad time by Mujahidin.

It is reported that Hezb e Islami (Hekmatyar), Afghan Gov and USA agreed on some issues, the Hezb e Islami terms were:

US troops should withdraw, Karzai should not sign BSA and they (Hezb e Islami) will support election.


Obama’s conditional statement withdrawal of the US troops was a good progress, the release of the Bagram prisoners (American officials might be were agreed), was a next good step for the solution of the Afghanistan Conflicted issue, and talking about the exchange of the Guantanamo and American prisoners was a very good progress.

If Taliban ply correctly in politic portion of the issue, in present sensitive time, and not make a mistake, in both fight and political activity, to final the prisoners exchange and withdrawal of the US troops relative issues with USA, and start talk regarding the postpone of election, Interim/representative Gov, when they receive to relatively result, Taliban will also start Intra-Afghan talk, if mentioned steps practically done by both sides, hopefully we will have a passable solution to the conflicted issue of the country.