The Reality about the Taliban Representatives in Kabul

By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen

Writer & Analyst


Afghans out of touch with ground realities certainly believe that Afghan Govt and HPC (High Peace Council) are in close contact with the Taliban Representatives, as government officials claim.

Mr. Stanikzai, chief of secretariat of HPC, had recently meetings with a number of embassies. He has told the ambassadors the peace process is going well, and said we are very close to the result, and HPC has close contact with leadership council and representative of Taliban in Qatar and that we need much more fund for the peace process.

President Karzai is also giving messages to embassies by his supporters that: Taliban fully trust Karzai, because he released many Taliban Prisoners, they said, Karzai had and has positive talks with Taliban leaders and Particularly with Taliban representatives in Qatar. Indeed they are saying Taliban obey Karzai’s word and waiting if Karzai remain in the power they will participate in Govt.

Dr. Ghani and his supporters are even saying: we have contact with Mullah Umar and got trust of the Taliban leaders.

President Karzai and HPC Members efforts accelerate in a time while some of the Taliban members’ families came under pressure in Pakistan, those families were not involved in Politician and Military activities. They rather preferred instead of being detained in Pakistani Prisons to come to Afghanistan, and accept prison in Afghanis or will get chance to go outside from the country, they vivid the history of Saad Akbar Babrak Zadran, Afghan Nation if have enemy to each other but during problematic time ignoring every things and assisting each other. 

Akram Khpalwak Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs say in meetings that the Taliban families are in Afghanistan, we have contact and confidence on each other, but don’t know foreigners and Majority of Afghan politicians regarding the actual issue. Actually due to pressure of Pakistan security, one of the Taliban relative family left Pakistan at night, and coming to Afghanistan, joined with their relatives,  thought and were ready for prison and death on their own soil, also they expected to be treated and received well by Afghan Officials. Without any problem, Taliban relative family left Afghanistan and flayed outside.

HPC is getting benefit from the Political obligation of the Taliban Families, preparing proposal to get money and present it to the ambassadors of the rich countries.

International Community has been several times cheated by Afghan Officials regarding the untruthful peace process, HPC got too much money but no progress, even some high level Afghan Officials have been killed/wounded by counterfeit Taliban representatives.

Presently the situation is worse, Afghanistan is in very complexity situation, there seems to exist everywhere fake representatives of Taliban, Hezb e Islami Afghanistan (HIA). And the Afghan govt is saying peace will get started soon, HIA is coming soon, Taliban also accepted, if Ghani come as a president, peace will get place, according to them.

Those who are not thinking deeply, are quoting Ghani saying that: when I go to the president office, I will declare a unilateral ceasefire, will release the Taliban Political prisoners, and will involve Taliban in the power, and finally will talk directly with the Taliban leaders, and will bring peace within 6 months.

Dr.Ghani promised there would be no changes in the first 3 months in Security ministries’ posts (MoD, MoI and NDS), it will remain unchanged. It means he can’t guarantee one-sided ceasefire from the government side, and seems difficult unilateral ceasefire in present situation of the country, in fact impassable.

Release of the Taliban Political prisoners is also out of the power of Ghani since Northern Alliance has power and would be in the power in upcoming Govt, NA will prevent and looks USA will be not agreed with Ghani.

That Ghani will involve Taliban and HIA in the Govt and will have National Unity Govt, many and Important HIA members (Qutbadin Helal, Wahidullah Sabawoon, Juma Khan Hamdard, Qazi Amin and …) already joined with Ghani.

The Ghani and his supporters mean from Taliban would be Agha Jan Motasim Ex-Taliban Finance Minister, might be he participate in the upcoming Govt as a representative of Taliban, but Taliban stated that Motasim is not any more member of Taliban. It is also reported Motasim presently living in Kabul.

It is reported Ghairat Baheer representative of HIA coming to Kabul, and since 2 weeks the next HIA representative Jarir (son in Low of Hekmatyar) is in Kabul, when Baheer as representative of Hekmatyar (HIA) and Motasim as a representative of Taliban participate in the upcoming Ghain’s Govt, so Ghani saying he had right to say my Govt is National Unity Govt. all parties are involved in Govt.

Still there is no real promise for the peace, the fake representatives of peace anywhere going, they trying to get money or want to have wrong propaganda that Taliban ready for peace with Karzai and Ghani.

Taliban said, Karzai was and is a puppet and don’t have peace talk authorization, they said, the Ghani’s and Abdullah’s Govt will not be independent either and that the upcoming Govt is also the America poppet Govt, and don’t have the peace talk authorization. Taliban Said, our priority is to finalize the US Occupation in Afghanistan, after the end of occupation will have peace dialog with Afghan Political Parties.

Vital and important peace-related issue is BSA. Ghani and Abdullah and their supports said, if they get president office, they immediately will sign BSA, seems upcoming Govt is not vowed to genuine peace.

All peace related processes inside and outside the country that is being reported is just a blatant fabrication. Taliban are human, they are part of community, are humble. If any Afghan and Muslim request to meet them, they will not reject it, but some people, when they meet with Taliban, are making Drama out of it and  when arrive to Kabul or other countries, saying, I meet with Taliban and talked with Them regarding peace, they are ready for peace and I can mediate it.

Meeting with each Talib is followed by a peace Drama, people misusing the meeting of Taliban, we will trust on those who have contact with the Taliban Representative in Qatar, only contact doesn’t mean peace, Taliban has relatives inside the country, if they contact their relatives to ask about their health, or some of Taliban participating and  accepting invitation of the people in remote area, might be sometime Taliban participated as a guest but there would be other peoples also, it doesn’t mean, they are ready to have peace talk with Karzai and Ghani, and those People who participated and invited can to mediate the peace talk, such kind peace process and mediator never can and not trustful people.

As I know, there is a political front, they can pass and exchange messages between the Taliban, Govt and Political Parties to each other and can to arrange face to face talk of the Taliban and Political Parties (Not Govt), Karzai, NA, leaders of some political parties and both candidates knows about mentioned front, that front working for the independent and secure Afghanistan, and front is anti-foreign troops presence and BSA, so the peace fake representatives trying to sabotage their real peace plan.


I hope Afghan Political parties and foreigners will no longer cheat International Community by untruthful slogan of peace, to create obstacle for peace. It is better to work for the genuine peace since peaceful and secure Afghanistan is good for the region and world while insecure and problematic Afghanistan is not in benefit of the region and world. 

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