The Afghanistan Crisis & John Kerry’s Miracle

By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen for Veterans Today


It would be a miracle if Kerry and James Dobbins can to solve problems between 2 candidates, seems difficult, during Jihad time Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and America can’t to gathered/convinced all 7 Mujahidin leader on the National Unity Govt.

Russia Can’t to solve problem between 2 Afghan Communist Groups, Parcham and Khalq, there were problem between two communist groups till withdrawal of Russia, still it is remain.

When I sit with Afghan politicians, talking about the crisis of the Election and they are worry regarding the future, when I hear their talk and concerns, my head getting dizzy.

America & International community want to have a balanced election result, mean don’t want that Ghani would be ahead with 1 Million votes from Abdullah, they will try to decrease the Ghani Votes, will be arranged 3 to 4 hundred thousand deference of votes between Ghani and AA. But look a little bit difficult, the Ghani observers know the game and will not let it.

It was reported there were about 20 Unknown foreigners in IEC head office, some of them went to store of the ballots Boxes, and had unknown plan, captured by Ghani’s observers.

There is also concern regarding the spoiled of the ballots boxes, some secrete hands will try to make sensitive situation, even there is availability of the incident in IEC Kabul office to destroy Ballots Boxes and concern about the IEC members.

Still P-Karzai playing, he would like to extend his time, Mr. Muzhda and Haji Farid told me, the Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan said: early of the current year P-Karzai had a meeting with PM Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad, at the end of the meeting P-Karzai said to Nawaz, we will work together and assist each other, one thing is important: I will never leave Presidential office, till I am alive, I will leave it when I died.

It was designed in the 1st round AA will get more votes and in 2nd round Ghani will get more votes, Karzai had plan to create problems between two comps, still he has his supporters inside of both candidate comps, and trying separation between them.

Some Afghan political analysts saying: America want to divide Afghanistan on North and South, and it is the long term plan of USA. America supporting Mr. Atta Governor of Balkh for the mentioned propose.

If America has this plan, and would like to divide Afghanistan like Sudan and now Iraq, America will be badly affected, North Alliance will make a good relation with Russia, and next side Durand Line Pashtun will try to join with south Afghanistan, and Afghanistan will be another Kurdistan for the Region.

Presently AA and Ghani agreed to share the security and Economic ministries/position 50% – 50%, the rest political power will be shared according the candidate voting percentage. So USA trying to have balance in the Election result.

Since recounting of the Ballot boxes, there are problems between the observers of AA and Ghani, they are not cooperative to each other’s, recount suspended 2 times, seems it will suspend many times in the future. Counting is too slow, it was planned to be counted 1000 boxes/day, and IEC will create 100 groups of observers, still IEC are back of Plan.

There is dispute of Idea regarding the executive positron (later on Prime Minister), AA camp says the position is agreed, the winner of election will be President and the next candidate will be executive/prime minister. James Dobbins has same statement, but Ghani’s Camp said: we are not agreed with AA, this position is promised with Ahmad Zai Masoud.

Dispute of Idea regarding the peace, Ghani said, he will start Peace talk and will try his best to contact with Taliban and Hezb e Islami, but AA said: he will make Taliban and Hezb e Islmi weaker and later on they will be ready for peace, AA has the power using strategy and Ghan announced the peace strategy, so looks difficult to have successful Collation Govt. even there are not succeed Collation Govt in Advanced Countries, in Europe, forget about the 3rd world.

America want a very weak Govt in Afghanistan to accept their requirements/demands. Means the America poppet Govt.

It is also noted that the upcoming Afghan Govt will be too weak, USA and International community will support that Govt by UN, mean the salary of the Govt staff will give by UN. All political power would be with UN and Int. NGOs.

Some analysts said: America will leave the Afghanistan Political relative issues to Pakistan and Economic relative issues to Japan. So China activated, and the China representative arrived to Kabul and had meeting with P-Karzai & other officials.

North Alliance made a good relation with International community, particularly in last 13years.

Taliban looks week in making of political relation with international community, if Taliban consider politician, this is a golden chance for them in the present situation.

America failed in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq conflicts, seems will be failed in Gaza, bcz America has to support Israel and supported by America since creation of Israel.

Obama and Democrats lost their influence in American Nations, Republicans hope to be succeed in 2016 elections, if Republicans coming on the power, they will rather the war strategy instead of peace strategy, so it is important for Obama to leave a strong Afghanistan at the back of. If USA leaving weak and anarchic Govt behind of them, there will be same problem in the region like in 90 Century, in such kind of situation America will loss, Russia and China will be winner of the game, so America will leave a country full of the Islamist fighter, and will create problem in the future to America.

Let’s to say strong and independent Afghanistan is good for America, Europe and Afghan Nations instead of weak and poppet Afghan Govt. in present situation we need interim/representative Govt, to be acceptable for all political groups including Taliban and Hezb e Islmai.

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