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Extreme Security measures in Kabul to Avoid Aggression

By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen, Author and analyst


Since Nov. 30th 2014, there are extreme security measures taken in Kabul City, there are various security staff of different security departments in every circle, and they check civilians in such a deeply way that I have not seen it earlier. They drop civilians from the vehicles that they ordered to take a side, in addition to checking and searching people, for the first time I have seen that they check the computers, smart phones and papers.

In addition to all these security measures, the aggressors that enter Kabul City, they could not be find with public people in ordinary public cars.

It is better for the government to find out the real and main resources of the insecurity, the main reason of the insecurity is war, the improper reactions of the governmental officials, and the main source of the challenges and disaster in the society is the existence of the foreign forces. Signing the B.S.A. was throwing oil on the fire, which burn everyone and does not know friends and enemies.

If such checking and searching go on in Kabul City, we cannot call it a city, it is better to be called a war zone, and the government should declare that the people are not allowed to take steps out of their houses, how long will be the government able to pay such huge amount ofsecurity costs. I am sure that such checking will not only create problems for the citizens in Kabul, but it will also not be able to solve the security issue in the city.

Yeah it is good, even better for we, the residents of Kabul City, that the security measures to be taken for our security, but there are approximately 5 million residents living in Kabul City, most of the residents are governmental officials, every morning they go to their offices by buses and cars and every evening they go back to their houses, but the officials of NGOs and other organizations use various types of automobiles, it would be tough for them to face such security check up every day while going to offices.

And it is not the way that while once a person’s computer, smart phone, and papers are checked, they will give him a paper that his/her items are checked and he/she should not be checked again.

According to medical researches and scholars, such extreme security checking, increase of security personnel, and their serious security activities and reaction toward the society will cause depression to the children and women living in that society, and the children and women rights are also not safe in such a condition.

Most of the suffering citizens’ of these checking are the ones that wear Afghan traditional cloths and turban, or the ones with long beard. But it is also not fair to say that the people with suites, shaved beards are not being checked. But my point is that if the process go on as it is going now, the issue will be firstly pointed to the first group of the people discussed here.

We wish that the Afghan Government and the foreigners find out the main sources of the issue, which is the ongoing war, the existence of foreign forces in the country, and signing the B.S.A.

If the living standards in Kabul City get worse, so the merchants and the public people will try to leave Kabul, and they would not think of entrance to Kabul, the condition would be exactly as the regime of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, that time there were: only Tajik brothers in Khair Khana, only Hazara brothers in Kote Sangi, only Pashtuns in Charasiab and Karte Naw, and militias of Dostum in Bala Hesar Area.

Pashtun and Tajiks could not enter the areas of Hazaras, and Hazaras could not enter the areas of Pashtuns and Tajiks.

By the passage of time, the security personnel that speak Pashto they will cooperate Pashtuns in checking, Tajiks will take easy the checking of Dari speaking citizens, Hazaras will help Hazaras, which seems that for long-term and stable security, the current policy is not working. We hope that the government should work on such a policy that will bring long-term and stable security and peace to the Afghan Nation.

The analysts believe that the security of Kabul City will get worse day by day, and it will cause misery to the life of the impartial people that currently live in Kabul, if the current condition moves on, there will be only the governmental officials and the pro U.S. people living in Kabul due to their obligations, and the rest of the Kabul citizens will move out of the city.

With the hope of stable, peaceful, secure, and developed Afghanistan.

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