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Ex Mujahideen's Doomed Attempts to Revive Their Jihadi Prestige

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen

Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul


Mujahedeen, for the last time, lost the game when they change their course forever. However, Mujahedeen, during the Jihad against Soviet Union, were given money and facilities by CIA due to its obligation, because Americans were taking the revenge of Vietnam from Russians, and Mujahedeen had to make Russians to withdraw the country; but, when some leaders of Mujahedeen directly received money and facilities of CIA after 9/11, and killed and removed the Arab Mujahedeen that had come to assist them in war on Russians, and used the money of CIA on killing and bombarding their own Afghan brothers, they betray their own nation. There were they who received bundles of dollars from CIA directly with the hands they were saying they are used in Jihad, they accepted all these things with the eyes they were saying they stay sleepless in the way of Allah and the hell is forbidden on them, they were thanking the CIA officials with mouths they were saying they with these mouths, beside practical Jihad, made a lot of Afghan ready to fight against infidel Russians and Communist.          

Of course, I do not aim the pure and honest Mujahedeen that are still disappointed for the fruit of their Jihad, and they are angry with some of their leaders that they did not fulfilled the ambitions of martyrs that sacrificed their lives in order for an Islamic government to be established in Afghanistan. Besides that, those Mujahedeen who became disabled during Jihad sell vegetables in bazaar and a lot of them have pitiable life in Kabul, and they are not permitted to enter the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior Affairs; from the other hand, the Communists disabled by these Mujahedeen receive annual assistance from the present government.     

Anti-Mujahedeen and Anti-Taliban Remarks

After the establishment of President Ghani’s government, anti-Mujahedeen and anti-Taliban remarks are remarkable, Communists are given a kind of innocence, in the case, they are behind the four decades of adversity in the country; meanwhile, the efforts on peace in the social media during Karzai’s era are turned into remonstrance, now.  

It looks like a group is hired in order to do propaganda for its government and leadership in the social media; perhaps, a part of this propaganda would be to strengthen anti-Mujahedeen and anti-Taliban mentality in the youth.   

Due to lack of an independent Afghani leadership, internal disputes and fighting of Mujahedeen and Taliban today, Communist provide themselves with ignorance spontaneously; let’s have a look to the near history (1973-2015) of Communists that how many coups and what jobs they have done:

First: Sardar Daoud Khan dismissed the government of King Zahir as a result of support of the Communists; this was the start of blood, a lot of Communists became hired in his government;

Second: Communists planned a coup on Daoud Khan, who promoted the coup for the first time in the country, and killed him along with his entire family in the Presidential Palace (ARG), after that, they were killing all those who were not committed to the Pompous, NOT Returnable Revolution. 

Third: Communists did coup on their last president, Dr. Najeeb, also. Parcham Wing of the Afghanistan’s Communist Party made a coalition with Ahmad Shah Masoud, the leader of Nezar Council (the Northern Alliance) as result of Babrak Karmal’s efforts and Dostum’s practical actions, Dr. Najeeb wanted to handover the power to Mujahedeen peacefully, unfortunately, he could not do it, and the power became controlled by Ahmad Shah Masoud and Dostum’s armed people, then.        

Fight between Hekmatyar and Masoud started, Dostum benefited a lot from it, Khalq Wing of the Afghanistan’s Communist Party took Hizb-I Islami’s side and Parcham Wing of the Afghanistan’s Communist Party took side of Jamiat-e Islami and Nezar Council; they were also provided with acquittal, then.

Taliban emerged in Kandahar’s Sangsar and Maiwand localities, had a fastest military development and seized Kabul; former important communists like Haneef Atmar with NGO, Maasoum Stanekzai and Shir Mohammad Karimi worked in Taliban army bases, they worked in Taliban government with a lower salary and they were heading their systematic plans secretly.  

Four: Communists received power in Afghanistan very easily due to the assistance of America, most of the former left-handed leaders took side of Ashraf Ghani during the 2014 Presidential Election, some so-called Mujahedeen also stood on Ashraf Ghani’s side in order to receive some ministries; when Ashraf Ghani took power, left Mujaheedin in half-way and hand the power over to former Communists as a result of America’s wish. 

Dr. Abdullah had gathered a lot of former Mujahedeen in his team and due for this he was trying to hire former warriors of the North Alliance in the government, however, Ghani, following the America’s policy, did not accept them, He hired those who had Communistic background on key ministries and posts shared by Abdullah’s team.   

Mujahedeen aside Policy

Former Afghan journalists, Mohammad Hassan Wolasmal, said that I was presented with the Deputy Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs during Karzai’s administration, I accepted it, I was preparing to attend Kabul, Americans Officials came to my house and told me that you should build a political party in Afghanistan, we provide you with entire expenses, build equipped offices in Kabul and provinces, we want the people to become rescued from Mujahedeen’s former parties and to make their parties weak.    

Mawlawi Gholam Mohammad Gharib which is well-known figure of Hizb-I Islami Party, was proponent of Karzai’s government and NATO’s presence in the country, he was saying that everyone who opposes Karzai’s government is insurgents and has to be killed. He once said: “high official of Kandahar introduced me to Americans in the Kandahar Airport that he is a famous Mujahid, Americans Commander told that we came here to eliminate Mujahedeen.”

We have witnessed that Hizb-I Islami divided into several parts, Jamiat-e Islami divided into several branches, a few of Prof. Sayyaf’s partisans left with him, Mawlawi Mohammad Nabi’s Islamic Revelation Movement divided into several parts and recently, Mawlawi Khalis Islamic Party is established in Kabul, also.    

Although, America would have planned to weaken and/or eliminate so-called Mujahedeen parties, however, these Mujahedeen make and repeat a lot of mistakes, they did not became united during Jihad, after the attack of America on Afghanistan, they gain, for their personal ambitions, became divided into several groups; America and pro-American government of Karzai benefited from this situation a lot.  

The Haneef Atmar’s Right and Justice Party had improved, and even challenged the Mujahedeen parties located in Kabul. Everything is not given to Haneef Atmar by foreigners, he would be provided with facilities by foreigners but improvement of his party and appointment of himself and his partisans on key posts in government show the personal intelligence and wisdom of Atmar.      

Mujahid and Talib

Once upon a time, Mujahedeen were considered as holy angles, God rest the soul of those became martyred in fighting against Russians and their friends.

The power and respect of Mujahedeen decreased after they started internal disputes by the withdrawal of Russians from the country; there were several reasons behind the internal disputes and civil war, the actions armed men so-called Mujahedeen, after the collapsing of Dr. Najeeb’s government, was not accepted to any Muslim.

During emerging of Taliban in Kandahar, I was a second-year student of Ningrahar University, I had seen Zardad’s Check Point in Kabul, I was witness of Hazrat Ali’s command, I was witness of anti-Pashtun approach of Borhanuddin Rabbani and Massoud’s government in Kabul, I had heard about Abdul Ali Mazari and Prof. Sayyaf’s fight and  rape, discussions on Massoud and Hazar fought in Afshar locality of Kabul was not hidden from anyone, jump and murder of a girl from third floor of a block in Macroryan locality in Kabul in order to rescue herself from raping was an uproar, keeping teenage boys and having sex with them without any shy in Kandahar was an ordinary thing, people were not safe from assault and cruelty of armed people in Helmand, anti-Pashtun approach of Ismail Khan in Herat was not hidden from anyone, Mujahedeen were suffering Dostum’s authority and un-Islamic system in the North, but the nation could not suffer any of them.       

Mujahedeen had a lot of fighting among themselves, however, after the Taliban captured Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Nirmoz, Zabul, Uruzgan and Ghazni province, they were supposed to stop fighting, Massoud and Rabbani should have tried to bring peace and stop war. When the Taliban captured Maidan City, the Provincial Center of Central Wardak province in 42 kilometer of the south of Kabul, it was appropriate for Ahmad Shah Masoud to fulfil the promises he had done with Taliban in Maidan City. When the Taliban captured Paktia, Paktika and Khost, Prof. Rabbani was had to give sacrifice for peace because the Taliban had support of the majority of the people, and there was no need to fight after Ningrahar became seized by the Taliban. However, after Kabul became seized by the Taliban, the Mujahedeen continued their war under the banner of the Resistance of North and by this, the Afghan nation were not able to taste the peace, then.        

Believe me that some leaders of the Taliban were irritating when we were criticizing their activities in Kabul, we were talking to them directly, they were accepting the truths, their answer for most of the questions were that they are going to bring reforms after the war ends, the big pretext of the Taliban for bringing and implementing reforms was presence and continuation of war against opposition.   

When a fight occurs between two groups, the former friendship does not remain, then. As I saw in Kabul, it was look like that the Taliban were preferring former Mujahedeen compare to former Communists, some Mujahedeen were really beaten by the Taliban, perhaps, there would be hands of foreign puppets, however, the most of the Taliban were not intending to continue enmity with Mujahedeen or disrespect them, because a lot of the Taliban leaders were former Mujahedeen, of course, those who were not accused with killing and negative activities. The leader and deputy leader of the Taliban Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid and Mullah Mohammad Rabbani Akhund were also former Mujahedeen.   

When I was observing the Taliban’s Minister for Higher Education in order to have the young generation and students, especially those who were graduated from Dawat & Jihad Islamic University work in his administration, I cannot forget those moments, however, it was not pursued as it supposed to be.   

Mujahedeen’s New Coalitions and Movements

On 27th Aug 2015, The Supreme Council of Jihadi and National Parties announced its formation. The plan was formation of a coalition of Mujahedeen under the leadership of Prof. Sayyaf and as a result of assistance of ex-President Karzai, there were a lot of members of Karzai’s cabinet in this coalition; Mohammad Yonous Qanooni, Bismillah Mohammadi, Atta Mohammad Noor and Ismail Khan and others promised Prof. Sayyaf that they will back them, however, President Ghani took initiative, once again fooled the former fooled Mujahedeen and formed a council of Jihadi and National Parties before Prof. Sayyaf took any action.

Prof. Sayyaf, Kazari and his team are not on vacation, efforts on creating challenges to the Unity Government are going on, and even they try to have Dr. Abdullah on their side in order to weaken and collapse the Ghani’s government. If these games went on and disputes among former Mujahedeen and former Communists continued, and Mujahedeen could become united which is seem impossible, perhaps, the fighting against Taliban would continue under the name of Mujahedeen once again, then.

After the Karzai’s government established and then Ashraf Ghani took power, Mujahedeen have been used as a tool in the service of political interests only. Mujahedeen have lost their position, historical legitimacy and respect as a result of creating coalition and cooperating with others in accordance to political interests, not in accordance to Jihad and Islam. Now, the public know about their aims that the terms of Jihad and Mujahedeen used by a number of Jihadi elites are just for achieving power and challenging the opposite side.     

When Karzai wanted to have Islamic and Jihadi support for his political anti-America, anti-Pakistan, anti-peace and anti-Taliban positions, he invited Mujahedeen’s council and planned a meeting with them, and released a statement, then. 

Ghani did the same during the Presidential Elections’ campaign. He, just for achieving political trust, used Mujahedeen figures.   

It is said that ARG is behind the formation of Jihadi Parties’ Council, they are being used as like as they were used before, and now, Abdullah would be obligated to emerge another so-called group of Mujahedeen and use it for his political aims.

Mujahid and Jihad is being named, but the main point is political and personal interests. The term of Mujahedeen is not considered as an independent, historical, Islamic clause, Mujahid does not have a specific definition, aim and course after that, but, it is only used as tool by different political groups.

Why the today and yesterday Loser Mujahedeen cannot to accept the Taliban?

Briefly, yesterday’s Mujahid is under command of yesterday’s Communist in Kabul and he is content with it, yesterday’s communist took side of America instead of Russia by today; yesterday’s Mujahid that can accept India and Iran instead of Islamabad, necktie and shaved beard instead of Pakool and full beard, secular system instead of Islamic system, songs and music instead of Quran, half-naked women in Kabul TVs, armed soldiers of 49 foreign countries, searching of his houses by foreigners, surrendering weapons to NATO forces and obeying them, selling and drinking alcohol, suffering the words of Communists and seculars, Khumaini and Dr. Najeeb’s ceremonies in Kabul, and yesterday’s Mujahid who cannot prevent Christianizing activities and distribution of Dari version of Bible in Kabul, yesterday’s Mujahid that can accept praying after yesterday’s Communist Imam, going before and after vehicles of foreign forces, teasing of yesterday’s Arbab Mujahid, bombardment of NATO forces on wedding ceremonies of Afghans, killing of children and women by American soldiers, working of Afghan women in foreigners’ bases, two-head government of John Kerry, Why is it so hard for this Mujahid to accept the Taliban? Is Taliban such a negative movement that all above-mentioned things are being endured but the presence of Taliban and/or praying ceremony for their ceased leader is not being tolerated?!     

Your Survival is in Peace

Mujahedeen resident in Kabul should know that they cannot win the lost war, America does not need them even to be used as servants any more, Iran, India and Russia do not need them and Islamabad does not respect them a lot, and they do not have dignity to go to Arab Countries and do pilgrimage, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt does not even consider them in their discussion, they do not have previous respect in Turkey, and they are ashamed to Al Qaeda, also.

If Afghan politicians (entire involved parties) want their next generation to have a peaceful and luxury life, it is needed to put water instead of petrol on the fire of war, prefer the way of peace instead of war, start peace and security negotiations with the Taliban who fought a great collation after WWII for 14 years and provide a ground for foreign forces to withdraw the country, do efforts for establishing a government which would be accepted to every Afghan. This job is not that much hard. This way is much easier than the way they have thought of.    

However, a mistake is done in the field of peace, it is always thought the key of peace is with Pakistan and it can do everything, some former Mujahedeen think the same because the FM of Pakistan was their representative in the Geneva Conference, they are not ready to understand today’s situation and today’s Taliban and to have this ethical courage!

This ethical courage lonely can remove a lot of obstacles toward peace.       

ستاسي کمینټ به د پاڼی د مدیریت تر کتني وروسته خپور شي .

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