Death of Marshal Fahim in delicate and sensitive situation

By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen

Writer and Analysts

After Ahmadshah Masoud , Marshal Fahim was a leading and very important person for North Alliance. He had both, military and political knowledge, Masoud did an important services to North Alliance, and made it stronger and well known group on Country and Regional level, when Masoud killed on 9/11/01, if there was no Marshal Fahim, North Alliance will be not remained strong and active during the last 12 years.

Burhanuddin Rabbani who was mentor of North Alliance and Leader of Jamiat e Islami had a good knowledge and insight, killed by Taliban in Kabul.

Today there is no the three strongest leaders of North Alliance, and Marshal Fahim died due to hurt illness (hurt attack) on (09 March 2014) in Kabul, North Alliance looks weak and feeble, I am sure no one will be replacement of Marshal Fahim, and North Alliance can’t to find his successor, and we can see: the mountain of North Alliance wrecked.  

In present sensitive and delicate situation the death of Fahim had several concerns and questions, he can to control and lead the North Alliance Ex-members and present North Alliance relative groups, they got direct instruction from Fahim, and Fahim didn’t allowed to the NA (North Alliance) vagrants and emotional persons to make anarchy, and not allowed them to create problems to President Karzai Government, and surly such kind policy of Fahim was beneficial/useful to NA.

Rashid Dostum re-activated in North, has support of some Turkish organizations/agencies, in death of Fahim, Dostum might feel himself strong, there are also some of the NA members, they would have an emotional actions against others, such kind of concerns and anxieties seeing.

Closed to Qasim Fahim said, Fahim desired a genuine and  real peace, and believed that TALIBAN has a power and support of the Afghan Community, and said Government without of Taliban will not remain and durable, Taliban should be involved in the power, and present Government should consider equality, their rights and influences in community. It is not solution to call Taliban, handover the weapons, and to be resigned. 

The Obama Administration don’t had a good relation with Qasim Fahim, and didn’t issue to him the US visa to have treatment in America, so many times he went to Germany for his treatment.

We have one month to presidential election, NA showing their forces and power to others, death of Fahim had  a clear MSG to NA, might be during Fahim’s condolence, evidently separated NA members and groups join again to each other’s. But NA will never remain with earlier power and force.

Rashid Dostum will try his best to be active in north, presently former communist (Parcham) elders are with Dostum and joined with Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, campaigning for the presidential election. Situation Inside the country looks like during the last Communist President Dr. Najibullah time.

America have to focus on the Afghanistan presidential election, want to take place election and transferring political power, American officials stated, Karzai promised and agreed to have peaceful transferring of political power.

If election done and political power transferred, there is questions regarding the candidates of the presidential election, they have very weak personalities, and will accept and say welcome to each requirement/demand of America, and Afghan Community has concerns about the family structures of the candidates.

Some candidates have Cristian wives, their wives are American and Cristian, I don’t know such kind president would be acceptable to Afghans? Americans killed our people, irritated, captured and displaced, they have to enjoy the killing of Afghans, it is also reported the wife a candidate is  a member of CIA, we have  history of king Amanullah Khan, who was an interested person to All Afghans, who get freedom in 1919, who called Ghazi (participant of the holy War), but when his wife threw  her shawl from head, Afghan community called to king Amanullah Khan infidel / Kapir (non-Muslim) and religious scholars given decree/order of the holy war against king Amanullah Khan, finally king faced with strong reaction of the Afghan Community, he left the king office and escaped.

And a candidate has British wife, Afghan people had three times war with British, and still it is remember to them, British still kept jealousy and spite to Afghans, Bcz Afghan people killed thousand British on that time, so King Herry came to Helmand to have the helicopter training /practice on killing of Afghans, to martyr Afghans.

A candidate aged more than 60 Years, still don’t have wife, which is not allowed in Islam, it is a question how he spend his 60 years life without wife and without wedlock, and how was his sexual instincts?

Definitely if there is any problem or fuss in the election, all sides, thought about Marshal Fahim, and he can to solve problems between Present Government team, Presidential Election candidates and North Alliance, during last election 2009, he can to act as mediator between Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, and can to solve problems, finally Qasim Fahim informed Abdullah Abdullah that they kept the MoF to him, meanwhile Abdullah Abdullah received a big amount of money from US and thought if accept MoF, it will affect his personality among Afghan community. So he didn’t accept to be a Foreign Minister.

President Karzai want wind and rain from Allah (Afghan Proverb) to remain in the power, American wants election and Political power transferring on time, seems there would be problems in the election due to differing reasons, and Pre-Karzai will try to get benefit from such kind of problems, will try to remain himself or his team in power.

It is mentioned that the commanders of the foreign troops (American and NAT)) preparing plan of the withdrawal of their troops till the end of 2014, next side TALIBAN has a plan under design to go in / enter to the Country and get power, so in such sensitive and delicate situation death of the First Voice President Qasim Fahim is losing to some groups and winning/useful to others


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