Attack on Indian Consulate was planned in Pakistan, Karzai said.


By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen

Writer and Analysts


The President Karzai problematical statement in problematical situation, he said attack on Indian consulate in Herat done by Lashkar e Taiba Party of Pakistan.

In the view of issue, Karzai statement in this time, since long time there is problem between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue, this is the first time that Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif participate in the swearing-in ceremony of Narendra Modi the new Prime Minister of India.

Months, a year or more than a year ago, it was reported that PM Nawaz Sharif and Pre-Karzai agreed the upcoming president would be supported according the Karzai selection and demands, as we know the foreign policy of Pakistan belong to Armey and Intelligence agencies of the country, so Nawaz can’t to follow the agreement with Karzai.

Presently Pakistan clearly supporting Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, so it might be the reason that Pre-Karzai would like to damage the India and Pakistan Diplomatic relation in such sensitive situation. But Indian and Pakistanileaders & Politicians are not the same like Afghans to decide without deeply thinking, might be attacked by Pakistan Lashkar e Taiba, and Karzai not stated without docs, but it was important to state it on the incident day, or before going to India, now everyone know that Karzai trying to make the water dirty and capture fishes.

Interested, this time officials and media didn’t said the Indian Consulate attacked by Taliban, there were many incident in the last, Taliban didn’t accepted but officials and Media announced attacked by Taliban, it is good that Taliban and By the name of Taliban also didn’t accept attack on Indian consulate.

 According my understanding, During the Taliban Gov and presently Taliban would like to have a good relation with India, but during the Taliban Gov, they didn’t hear positive response from India, presently India very carefully thinking about the relation with Taliban, and Taliban clearly stated that they want to have a good relation with all neighborhood, regional countries, International community and world.

It is good, Karzai stated Taliban were not involved in the attack, according the Diplomatic and Political regulation it was unlikely that a president of the country trying to create problem between to enemy countries (India and Pakistan) and try to prepare brushwood for flame of the fire.

I am not saying that not attacked by Pakistan, and don’t know, don’t have doc for the rejection and confirmation, hope Pre-Karzai and Afghan Security organization will present docs.

It is important, Afghan elders know that India and Pakistan started unannounced fight in Afghanistan, so why Afghan Leaders and Politician allowed and preparing situation for both countries to test their power in Afghanistan. Afghan leaders will not let both enemy countries, will let them to fight in other location, if again both of them trying to fight inside Afghanistan, so Afghan politician will get positive benefit from their problems and enmity.

Lost year, when Pakistani troops started installations in Goshta Dist of Nangarhar Province, there was fight between Pakistani and Afghan Bordered Security forces, and killed an Afghan Soldier, Installations stopped for a while, and restarted, I issued a comment on that time (the India and Pakistan Kashmir fight arrived to Goshta District, after that the India and Pakistan fight would be in Afghanistan), it is good that the Afghan Analysts come to the point and stated that the Pakistan and India fight started in Afghanistan, it is reported in the international media.

Afghan Politician should know and deeply thing about this conflicted issue, and will not allow India and Pakistan to use The Afghanistan soil/earth for their own aims and benefits, and will not allow revenge of each other in Afghanistan.

Officially the Pre-Karzai time is ended, and he is not official president any more, International community and region knows better, so no need such kind of statements in official Indian Prime Minister Swearing-in ceremony.

The Pre-Karzai failed politician in last 12Years, this time Obama didn’t meet with Karzai in Kabul, Obama came to Bagram-Kabul, but don’t want to meet with Karzai, as Afghan civilian knows, Obama thinking he came to his occupied land (Kabul), so according the sensitive situation he called to Pre-Karzai, and talked via phone, what does it mean? Obama can to talk with Karzai from America via phone, and can to have a video conference?

American and Particularly Obama knows better that the Pre-Karzai time is ended, he will be set as a symbol for a few months, so he looked littleness as a slave to Karzai.

Important, Americans usually using their spies and slaves till they have benefits, when they get and use slaves, later on ignoring and despised.  

Hope the upcoming president will learn and get experience, how Karzai made a leader? How much power given to him? And recognized as an International garland, and finally ignored by those (America) who made him as a powerful person, everything during last 12 years were artificial in Afghanistan, even official and politician, media and progress of telecommunication and construction.

The new president is important to American till he singing BSA, and to working for the benefits of America, and to need America to him, when he is also recognized that he is not useful for the purpose and aims of America, he will be ignored and despised and will be used as slave.



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